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World in motion

Intertraffic’s product manager for Amsterdam, Joyce de Winter, and new domain manager for worldwide events, Richard Butter, look back at the past year and reveal what to expect from the world’s biggest traffic shows over the next 12 months

Richard, as the newest member of the Intertraffic team, what are your first impressions of the brand, and how do you see the future?

It’s a great brand, no matter where you are in the industry everybody knows you, which illustrates the power of Intertraffic. The future is bright as far as I am concerned, I think we’ll continue to develop our role as an authority in our field. I am convinced we will continue to connect the automotive industry with data service suppliers such as app manufacturers, but also with the Googles and Apples of our time. Mobility issues change quickly, so we’ll have to move quickly too.

Joyce, how do you feel the industry has changed over the past year, and how do you see it developing?

We’ve seen cooperative funding in publicprivate partnerships (PPP) become more common [one such scheme is driving Turkey’s Istanbul-to-Izmir highway, profiled on page 24]. I foresee there will be more cooperative PPP solutions for transportation problems worldwide. Energy suppliers and ICT organizations will become important stakeholders in the future traffic technology market.

ITS applications are growing. Vehicle-tovehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications will enable more sharing of information and could facilitate speed enforcement and improve traffic flow. All traffic solutions will communicate with each other in the near future.

Low-tech manufacturers will have to star looking at ways to make their products more intelligent, to keep playing a role in the traffic technology arena. We are already seeing more traffic lights, mobile roadside systems and traffic cones equipped with chips to communicate with in-car systems and keep road users fully informed about road conditions. Intertraffic offers lowtech manufacturers the perfect platform to prepare their products for the future. It is the world’s gathering point for industry match making. It is the platform for urbanization and intelligent traffic solutions worldwide.

Richard, tell us a bit about the shows planned for this year.

From March 31 to April 2, 2015, Intertraffic China takes place in Shanghai. What’s new for this event is our cooperation with ITS China. It will organize a conference and exhibition for its members, which means we will see a substantial increase in high-tech exhibits at the show. Intertraffic Istanbul follows, from May 27-29, 2015. This has been an important growth project that has developed into a renowned trade show in the region. Many international companies have gained a foothold in Turkey and the show keeps growing steadily.

Joyce, what particular highlights are you looking forward to this year?

One big PPP project currently underway is an intelligent highway running from the Netherlands, through Germany to Austria. The aim is to improve traffic flow and safety. In this corridor, traffic systems will be deployed with new communication techniques.I’m interested to see how it develops.

Richard, Intertraffic shows now have a Smart Mobility section, and so does this magazine. Why did you feel it was important to start this?

Smart mobility is our first step to get in touch with industries that were not really part of our range, such as electric vehicles. But with all the smart cities and mobility issues developing at a fast pace, there are going to be some big changes on and around the road, but above all in the car. Smart mobility is an example of how we see the future. We are keen to show the latest developments and use our communication power to give these developments an all encompassing exposure platform.

Joyce, are any plans already underway for Amsterdam 2016? If so, what can visitors expect?

The Innovation Awards will be a pillar of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016. We will have a large outside demo area where we will offer exhibitors and stakeholders the opportunity to let visitors immerse themselves into their pioneering solutions [the Live Experience Hub]. It’ll be based on true experiences.


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