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If there’s one word to sum up the 120,000 or so in this 2014 edition of Intertraffic World, it’s ‘innovation’. As you will read, when applied to road transportation, innovation goes a hell of a long way to improving all of our collective journeys…

Innovations are patently important but getting them out into the marketplace is just as paramount – and that’s our raison d’être at the RAI. Innovation is of course rife in the world of mobility but when you work on a product such as Intertraffic, you really see it up close – as well as the pace of development – not only through the displays at our worldwide exhibitions but the announcements via any of our multimedia platforms. You see that pace of change especially when comparing this 2014 edition of Intertraffic World to the 2010 launch issue.

On that thread, it’s hard to believe this is now the fifth installment of a publication that was first discussed in New York in 2008, during a meeting with our partners at UKIP Media & Events, the publisher of Traffic Technology International. From the outset, we knew Intertraffic World was going to be a hit in the industry and that’s in evidence in this issue, with almost 70 case studies and technology articles from some of the industry’s leading solutions providers in the fields of Infrastructure,Traffic Management, Safety and Parking.

The positive feedback we have received as the magazine and its team have toured the globe – in 2013 to Nashville, Istanbul, Dublin, Madrid, Tokyo and Dubai – is hugely appreciated and confirmation that a gap existed in the market for an all-encompassing title, one that covered all the major facets of the roads and transportation sector, elements that are integral in the overall vision of a Smart City. Which brings me onto Amsterdam…

Make a date in your diary, if you haven’t done so already. The first stop on our 2014 tour will be Intertraffic Amsterdam, 25-28 March 2014. Mirroring the overall headway the global intelligent transportation systems sector has experienced over the past several years, our 2014 exhibition has – once again – continued to expand, with our ITS exhibits in particular showing significant growth. Taking place across 10 halls – all under one roof – you will find more than 850 exhibitors offering the world’s most innovative products and concepts to manage and maintain network efficiency, safety and reliability, out on the open highway, on your urban roads, rural lanes or even in the parking facilities of your towns and cities.

We have some new attractions for 2014, too. e-Traffic, for example, is our electromobility segment. With electrification being one of the prime traffic technologies of the future, sustainable mobility is a must, so in e-Traffic you will discover a wide range of Smart Grid solutions. As Connekt’s Nico Anten reveals on page 248, innovative urban mobility is not just a consideration for today but – with 75% of the world’s population predicted to be living in cities 30 years from now – will be critical in the future. Hence, with Connekt, we’re hosting a Smart Mobility Center – a large pavilion of government and industry experts that will explore the complexities of urban mobility and the role that advanced technologies can play in spurring innovations to support smart, liveable and connected cities.

As is tradition, we’ll be rewarding the trailblazers in our industry with Innovation Awards, the winners of which will be announced at the opening ceremony on Tuesday 25 March. For me, the past winners of these coveted industry prizes show that innovation is best driven by collaboration – ingenious people, naturally, but it’s about diversity as well.

Various people, working on different things, coming together in sometimes unorthodox ways to foster new ideas. That’s something we’re keen to practice here at the RAI as well. The proof? For 2014, we’ll be unveiling an interactive navigational app designed to enable you to plan your visit meticulously. Jam-packed with information about the show, we hope this mobile innovation will lead to a much more efficient use of your time and effort, for visitors and exhibitors alike.

I look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam in March. But most of all, I look forward to seeing first-hand how your ingenuity and innovation is helping to advance society at large.

Joyce de Winter
product manager, Intertraffic Amsterdam


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