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Intertraffic shows are now found all across the globe. Here, we catch up with the team that organizes them to find out a bit more about what to expect – wherever you are in the world Meet The Team

The world of traffic technology is changing rapidly – everything is becoming connected and more intelligent. This brings new players into the marketplace who will have a big influence on how the industry develops. Examples include telecom firms, big data analysts, IT specialists and the automotive industry. They will all have a big impact on efficient transportation, accessibility of cities, and sustainable urban mobility. Intertraffic exists to bring all of the players together in one place to exchange information and do business.

“Intertraffic keeps a close eye on developments in the market,” says the brand’s director of traffic technology, Richard Butter. “We are in contact with a wide range of important stakeholders and market leaders to keep us updated about the latest innovations. Also, the team visits all relevant events and congresses in the world and combines all these insights to create the unique package that is Intertraffic. What makes Intertraffic stand out is that we implement these developments in the broadest sense of the word. Intertraffic covers all segments – infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, safety and parking.”

Addressing the key challenges
Intertraffic aims to help solve some of the big problems facing transportation in the modern world. “Apart from the industry’s responsibility to create sustainable mobility and reduce CO2 emissions, the biggest challenge is the transition toward a digital world,” says Joyce de Winter, exhibition manager for Intertraffic Amsterdam and Istanbul . “It’s all about connectivity. All segments and disciplines will be connected to gather data for efficient, safe and sustainable mobility. So sharing data will be instrumental. Sharing knowledge and accelerating matchmaking and networking within the industry is key to our agenda. We are facilitating this by giving the stage to specialists from all around the world to showcase the latest products and services, mobility projects, trends and developments. The exchange of know-how and expertise is backed up by interactive presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations and networking activities. We present the latest innovations and developments so they can be implemented in business.”

New Intertraffic initiatives
Several new initiatives have been launched by the Intertraffic brand in the past year. At Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018, the ITSUP smart mobility startup initiative was launched and the Smart Mobility segment got a dedicated hall with two theaters. The complimentary knowledge program was also taken to the next level, with more than 80 free sessions.

“We received very positive feedback on the quality and added-value it delivers to visitors,” says Carola Jansen-Young, Intertraffic’s senior brand marketing manager.

It’s all part of what makes Intertraffic Amsterdam the largest, most prominent traffic technology innovation platform in the world.

“The first ITSUP event was also a big hit,:” adds de Winter. “It was quite clear the market was looking for new smart solutions for traditional segments. Startups can take advantage of the solid international foundation Intertraffic offers. And since startups generally do not have abundant financial resources, the ITSUP event was sponsored. The only nominal fee participants had to pay was for registration. We created a quality matchmaking program so smart mobility startups could present their solutions to their defined target groups. Some of them even found a business partner or investor to scale up their solution. Following this success, we are incorporating ITSUP in all our other shows. Knowledge from startups can come from every corner in the world. Since we are present in several countries and areas, we can give young starters the perfect launchpad to share their innovations with an international audience of market specialists.”

All around the world
Intertraffic Indonesia, the brand’s newest show, will have its launch event in Jakarta as we publish this issue (October 31 – November 2, 2018), with a second event already being planned for 2019. Indonesia is one of the fastest developing countries in the world in terms of mobility and traffic infrastructure. The Indonesian government has ambitious traffic management plans in place between now and 2030 – an attempt to cope with a forecasted fourfold increase in population during that time. For example, the government plans to spend US$450bn on infrastructure by 2020; it aims to create more than 4,500 miles (7,300km) of new expressways by 2030, while also upgrading around 10,500 miles (17,000km) of existing arterial roads to support the increase in traffic and provide greater road safety.

Intertraffic Indonesia will enable professionals from the region to come together to address the challenges ahead. “We will connect professionals from Southeast Asia with international companies,” says Editha Hoogenberg-Derksen, Intertraffic’s exhibition manager for China, Mexico and Indonesia. “National and international solution providers will be able to showcase their products and services. We will also welcome startups at the ITSUP pavilion. During our conference, a variety of experts will share thoughts and experiences.”

The other new show in the Intertraffic calender takes place in Mexico City. This year (2018) sees the third edition of this successful event: “Intertraffic Mexico is the dedicated platform for the LATAM region,” continues Hoogenberg-Derksen. “Visitors can share knowledge, do business and expand their networks with professionals from Mexico, Latin America, and beyond. Close to 140 local and international exhibitors present their products and solutions.

“The three-day conference program features an impressive line-up of speakers and topics. Big data is a global topic and we are proud to have Cristopher Zegras from Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] as a speaker this year. The social impact of our industry will be addressed by Maria de Lourdes García, coordinator at the Social Habitat Laboratory, who will share her views on the human factors in the design of sustainable urban mobility.”

The winners of the Intertraffic Award Latin America will be revealed during the opening ceremony on November 13. Organizations in the traffic technology and mobility industry will take home well-deserved recognitions of their commitment in driving the industry forward.

Looking to the future
“Intertraffic is always on the lookout for new opportunities for our stakeholders and it’s very likely that we will create new events in the near future,” says Butter. “Intertraffic is all about accelerating connections for today’s and tomorrow’s mobility challenges.”

“We are always keen to get ideas, recommendations and feedback from our stakeholders, providing us with invaluable input to make the Intertraffic formula excel,” adds Jansen-Young. “As of this year, each event has a dedicated area, the Intertraffic Community Hub, where we engage with our visitors and also assist them in getting the most out of their time spent at Intertraffic. We look forward to seeing you at one of them soon! Or you can contact us via our email:”

(Image: The Intertraffic team near their head office in Amsterdam. Left to right: Carola Jansen-Young, senior brand marketing manager; Joyce de Winter, exhibition manager Intertraffic Amsterdam and Istanbul; Richard Butter, director traffic technology; Puck Huber, operations manager; Sander Korringa, content marketeer; Wanda Luinenburg, brand marketing executive; Rogier Peijster, sales consultant; Editha Hoogenberg-Derksen, exhibition manager Intertraffic China, Mexico and Indonesia)

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The Intertraffic brand hosts a major traffic event every other year in Amsterdam and it boasts four very successful satellite shows – one held every two years in Istanbul, Turkey and Mexico, and the other taking place annually in China, alternating between Shanghai and Beijing. In 2018, Intertraffic will host its first show in Indonesia! For more information about the events, visit